I am a freelance illustrator by night and graphic designer by day. In my spare time I enjoy long naps, extra garlic and rabbit watching. For inquiries, shoot me an email at:


Artist Statement

My illustrations are based in absurdity and surreal humor. Characters with otherworldly abilities can be found leaping from the ocean, materializing from photocopiers or being attacked by giant zombie thumbs. My work may be categorized as a form of magic realism, exploring an imaginary universe of organized chaos while drawing from reality and emotional truths. Surreal humor is essential to my point of view because it is a revealing and wonderfully cathartic way to examine the collective strangeness of our human experience.


My drawing style is cartoonish, with even line weight, flat, bright colors, and isometric or flattened perspective. I work primarily in a digital medium with a tablet, or with brush pen, graphite and color pencil on occasion. I also love to doodle on cheap lined paper with mechanical pencils, because I created some of my most prolific work as a child during class in notebook margins.

Partial Client List

Pittsburgh City Paper

Arcade Comedy Theater

AIGA Pittsburgh

Amazing Books & Records

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